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Five Generation of Fine Gems & Jewellery

"As the Great Great Grandson of a family steeped in the creation and manufacture of fine jewellery, I have an extraordinary history to maintain. It is my privilege not just to understand, by heredity and study, the nature of fine diamonds and gemstones but also to choose for you only the most exquisite quality, worthy of the proud Shipton & Co heritage..."

A Discerning Eye for the World's Best Gemstones

"You'll notice the difference the moment you compare one of our gems to the majority of stones offered today. Gathered from many remote locations around the world, our gemstone are so brilliant, vivid and alive in their colours, they create a play of light that seems to go deeper than the stone. Shipton & Co diamonds are also hand picked for colour, clarity, carat and for the cut which has best rewarded the qualities of each individual stone. The result is that our diamond seem to be lit from within with infinite sparks and dazzling flashes. We can also offer the reassurance that all our diamonds are ethically sourced, conflict free and they conform to the initiative, The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme for your complete peace of mind. The same kind of uncompromising care goes into sourcing and choosing our pearls, assuring you of a weight and lustre that is truly hard to match anywhere."

Beautiful Settings of Heirloom Quality

"Our art is now to create the most harmonious mount from white gold, yellow gold, or tarnish resistant rhodium plated sterling silver. Bearing in mind that any diamond is at least 250 million years old, it deserves an enduring British hallmarked setting. Nearly a half of our collection is entirely exclusive to us and the majority is set and polished by hand by skilled craftsmen, who appreciate working to the kind of standards that make fine jewellery you can love for a lifetime and then pass on in its heirloom quality. An idea we hold dear."

The Enchantment of Choosing

"In this collection, I have put together my own favourite pieces, some brand new, some traditional, some contemporary and some vintage classics which have been the choice of several generation. If you have a bespoke piece in mind, I'd love to hear from you. You can also see more ideas by visiting us at where we show you each piece under a jeweller's magnifying glass. We also apply our close eye for beauty to our shops which you'll notice are in the country's loveliest locations. Make it a holiday to come and see us soon.

In the meantime, take time now to treat yourself or someone you love to a rare and beautiful pice of history. I wish you great pleasure in the choosing."