Peridot shines brightly in August

Those that are born in August have the peridot birthstone attached to that month. Keep reading to find out what this birthstone signifies and whether it fits with the person you know that was born this month. Those born in August is known for being ambitious, generous, strong, successful, brave, daring yet devoted and sensitive. Peridot is a beautiful lime … Continue reading

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Precious Gems and Precious Stones Jewellery

Precious gems and precious stones are often seen and described as different, however, they are one and the same. Precious and semi-precious stones are in fact types of gemstones. Precious Gems Jewellery A gemstone is the cut version of minerals, organic forms or rocks for the purpose of jewellery making and embellishments crafting. While most gemstones are a cut version … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Gift Vouchers!

There is always that one person that is really difficult to buy for. It could be that they are very picky, have everything already or you would just prefer for them to pick out their own gift. Then a gift voucher is a great option! Keep reading to find out why! It allows the person to pick out their own … Continue reading

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Gift Vouchers

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…

Have a loved one that is born in July? Did you know that their birthstone is the ruby? Well, find out what this means and whether this suits their personality by continuing to read this blog.

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Star Sapphire Jewellery: all you need to know

Star sapphires are an enchanting variety of stones. When the light hits the stone it forms a  beautiful three rays white star. This effect is called asterism and, according to Ben Day it makes the stone look “magical and otherworldly”. Star sapphires come in a variety of colours that make them more or less rare. Star sapphires are usually found … Continue reading

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star sapphire jewellery

Top 5 Jewellery Blogs You Need To Follow

Specialist blogs are the best way to find out more about your passions and interests. They offer passionate and free content for you to get informed about the newest trends and the history of the field. When it comes to jewellery, blogging is becoming one of the greatest ways to reach those passionate about the field and educate them on … Continue reading

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jewellery blogs

June’s Birthstone – Pearls

One of the most regal birthstones has to be the pearl. Famously worn by Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana, it’s no wonder that the stone is synonymous with elegance. It is interesting that the month of June is so connected with weddings, as the month was named after the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage. Perhaps also connected to the … Continue reading

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Planning to propose?

Wedding season is rapidly approaching but many may be thinking of proposing. But where does the tradition of giving an engagement ring come from? The idea of the engagement ring apparently dates back to the pre-historic era. Way back then, cavemen would tie cords of braid grass around their chosen partners wrists, ankles and waist. This idea evolved in 2800 BC … Continue reading

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May’s Birthstone – Emerald

One of the most striking gemstones is the emerald and it just so happens to be May’s Birthstone. The month of May is named after the Greek Goddess Maia, who is the goddess of Spring. The fifth month of the year is said to be the month that plants really start to grow. Those that are born in May are … Continue reading

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